Mesa Studs

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These studs just perfect to add subtle texture to a simple, elegant look. In either solid sterling or bronze they are comfortable and light. The surface is polished to a high shine, while the sides are a matte finish, emphasizing the contrast in planes that makes these land formations so unique and special!

They measure a half inch at their widest point. They are available with a tiny flush-set dark green tourmaline that represents the color and texture of the juniper bushes that dot the hillsides all over the high desert.


the sloping, eroding, shrub-studded sides of what could be a mountain, halted abruptly in a stark flat plane. The forces of time, tectonics, violence, and slow, methodical patience of the elements come together in a striking way. All life in that microcosm responds to the extremes and, finding a niche, adapts to make the contrasts work for them... life does not try to change the thing it fits within. The desert is teeming with life so richly, yet so subtly, so camouflaged that it's right in your face, yet hardly detectable until you start to adapt yourself.

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