Our Materials - Silver, Gold, Copper, Brass

Raw Materials - Silver, Gold, Copper, Brass

Clementine & Co. style is elegantly simple and organic, heirloom quality jewelry. The materials used, from fine metals to found objects, are chosen for their integrity and sustainability as well as their beauty. Environmentally sound practices are employed wherever possible in the making of these fine handcrafted goods. We believe strongly in the importance of stewardship and preservation, and therefore have chosen to only use 100% recycled Argentium silver, which is a tarnish-resistant sterling alloy. What this means for you are the wearer is less need for polishing and upkeep, fewer products and chemicals used to keep your jewelry looking beautiful and no new mining associated with the creation of your new adornment.
Raw GoldThe 14k gold filled material we use is extremely durable and will not flake or wear off the way gold plating does. It is made through a mechanical and heat bonding process that bonds a thick layer of pure 14k gold over a brass core. Gold fill is a wonderful cost-saving alternative to solid gold and safe for sensitive skin. 
Brass and CopperBrass and copper provide beautiful color options and change with age to develop a rich patina that is particular to each wearer as the distinct elements in your surroundings and on your skin will affect the metal in a unique way! They may cause some green or brown coloring of the skin where the piece is worn, this is completely natural and not harmful~ in fact some people say that copper worn on the wrists may help with inflammation and arthritis! (We aren't claiming any such thing... just passing along some folklore).
Argentium SilverWe use nickel free and non-allergenic ear wires and posts for all our earrings. The metals include:  Argentium Silver (a tarnish-resistant silver), 14k gold filled, and 14k rose gold filled. Solid 14k gold ear wires are available for any of our designs. Please send a note and we will get back to you with a quote.