About Clementine

Our Story

The basis of everything we make here at Clementine & Co. is great design. We care about how a piece fits, moves with the body and works with your lifestyle. The materials have to stand the tests of time and life. This is adornment for every day. 
Our pieces carry symbolism, and resonance with the knowledge that is within each of us waiting to be tapped. They are physical medicine, modern-day talismans and a connection with the earth that nurtures and supports us. We honor that connection by sourcing recycled metals, ethical stones, and employing practices which limit or eliminate our environmental impact. We honor and value the work of human hands; after all, the hand of the maker can never be replicated and it is the handmade nature of our jewelry that truly sets it apart from all others. Every piece of jewelry we sell is made in-house in our Santa Fe, NM studio by a highly-skilled maven of the metal arts.
Every piece is crafted to be a part of your life, not just an accessory to it. 

emily-spykmanEmily Clementine Spykman grew up on the island of Martha's Vineyard, where her childhood was influenced by the woods and the water, and the life of an eclectic and creative community; then when she moved to New Hampshire as a teen she came to appreciate the mountains and greenery as much as she loved the ocean and salty breeze. She spent her time in these places making sense of the natural beauty that surrounded her; organizing leaves, tree bark, and precious found trinkets into curated collections and fairy houses. Emily studied jewelry making at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina, where she uncovered her love of metalsmithing and embraced her passion for design. Always enchanted with life in miniature, metalwork immediately made sense to her as a micro version of the work her father has done as a fine woodworker. With the tools shrunk down and the scale minute, she turns raw materials into fine wearable art, drawing inspiration from botanical forms, ancient symbolism and studies of adornment and form in varied cultures and times.