Custom Design Deposit

Custom Design Deposit

  • $ 100.00

Only -6 left!

Want to create a unique, one-of-a-kind, custom design for a special someone or for yourself? This is the place to start. Your time is valuable, as is mine, and space in my schedule is limited. Your deposit secures your place in line to start working on a custom design. This $100 will go directly towards the final cost of your finished jewelry piece. Take a look at all items on my website as some of them can be customized for no extra charge.

Pricing on custom pieces will be more expensive than other standard pieces I make as a rule, because of the extra time and effort it takes to develop the designs. However, the retainer does not expire! If we start working on a design and you decide to wait to actually complete the piece you will maintain that $100 credit still. If you change your mind before we initiate the design process you will be refunded the $100. If you decide not to go forward with having the piece made after the designs have been finished, you will not receive a refund. If I determine that I can not take on the project for any reason you will be refunded your full design deposit.

Once the final design has been created and approved and an estimate provided, a 50% deposit is required to begin production and stones are required to be purchased outright. The second half of the payment is due on completion and the initial design deposit is rolled into the price. Of course you always may opt to pay the entire cost up front if you wish!

A deposit is needed for each individual design, but multiples of the same design, like a matched set of wedding rings (even of different sizes) is one deposit, while an engagement ring and a wedding ring is two different designs (generally... reach out if you have questions!)

I use the example of wedding rings because that is my most frequent custom work, but I enjoy taking on all types of custom work! One of my most favorite things is to re-use heirloom and unworn jewelry pieces and reimagine them into new designs that will be cherished and worn every day! It's a powerful process of transformation and alchemy to maintain a precious lineage and avoid waste. I can unset stones and melt down metals to make entirely new jewelry you will want to wear every day! I also enjoy and am comfortable working with unconventional materials, so send me your found objects, your dried leaves and flowers, or your beloveds ashes and I will work with you to find the perfect way to memorialize these priceless objects.

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