Some A's to all your burning Q's about SUN & DUST. Please get in touch via email ( if I haven't answered your question!



Q: So I'm charged monthly but the box comes quarterly? What's up with that?

A: The monthly billing makes it simple to budget, while the quarterly cycle gets you ready to adorn yourself for each new season with a coordinated collection of pieces. You also have the option to pay for the full year and you get a discount for doing so! $54 off in fact!


Q: What if I get something that I don't think I'll wear?

A: Every piece in each seasonal collection comes in beautiful packaging, as a gift to yourself or ready to be given to a good friend! Bonus: You'll always be ready for birthdays!


Q: I don't have pierced ears but I want to subscribe! Can I make sure I'll get pieces I can wear?

A: Yes! After you sign up you'll fill out a form to note your preferences and sizes- just mark that you don't have pierced ears!


Q: What if I get something and it doesn't fit?

A: We'll do our best to avoid that happening by getting accurate sizes in the customization form, but sometimes things happen, so I offer a free resizing on every ring, bracelet and necklace.


Q: Can I sign up for just one box?

A: After three monthly billing cycles (1 box delivery) you are welcome to cancel and won't continue to be charged. Though of course it'll be sad to see you go!


Q: What if I want to buy it as a gift for someone?

A: You can totally do that! And that someone is going to be stoked! Just sign up for either the monthly or annual option and forward the introduction email along to the person you bought it for! You'll even get a handy card to print out for them :)