Filigree Nose Ring in Gold

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Handmade filigree nose rings inspired by the intricate and opulent styling of Indian jewelry. These nose rings are 22 gauge. Choose from 8mm or 10mm  inside diameter. Also comes in gold, rose gold, and sterling silver.

They look beautiful in ear piercings as well!


To find the correct diameter for your jewelry:

Measure the distance from the pierced hole to the edge of where the ring will sit (i.e. the bottom of your nose for septum, the edge of ear for cartilage...) Then choose the diameter of ring that is the same or slightly larger than your measurement. 


To insert your jewelry:

Do not pull the ends apart sideways or it will be nearly impossible to close the ring round again!

Unhook the clasp, grasp the ring on either side of the split and twist the ends of the ring with both hands. Move your right hand clockwise and your left hand counterclockwise so that the ends twist away from each other in a subtle spiral. Only twist the hoop open wide enough to create a gap the width of the pierced portion of your nose. 

Glide one open end of the hoop into the piercing hole. Slide the rest of the ring through the hole as far as it will go in order to get a firm grasp on either side of the ring again. 

Use your fingers to gently twist both ends of the ring back toward each other, until they are brought together. Press the hook end into the loop to close and secure the ring.

Voila! You look fabulous!

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