SUN & DUST- Single Season GIFT

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Gift a curated box of jewelry pieces handmade by jewelry designer Emily Spykman- owner of Clementine & Co. Jewelry.
Both tiers of the SUN & DUST subscription box contain unique pieces of jewelry crafted in the spirit of the season and customized to the personal preferences of your recipient, shipped directly to their door. I sometimes partner with other fine makers to round out the collection with complimentary items such as perfume for a diffuser pendant.
Tier 1 subscription box contains 3-5 pieces and the

Tier 2 contains 1-2 pieces


These are timeless, well-crafted and thoughtfully designed pieces of jewelry to treasure for years.

After purchase you'll receive an email with the sizing form to forward to your recipient so each piece will fit perfectly.
You'll also get a card to print to show the lucky recipient that something good is on its way <3