7 Chakra Rainbow Filigree Earrings

  • $ 98.00

Modeled after the rich and opulent styling of antique jewelry from India with a lighter modern update. 

The inspiration is an aesthetic one, but not to be underestimated as a powerful tool for reflection.

To be reminded of the balance of the full spectrum is important. All colors, all chakras aligned and equal.
A glorious natural rainbow of balance!
Available in Recycled Sterling or 14k Yellow or Rose Gold Fill.

1.5 inches.

Handmade hoop earrings with intricate wire work and precious stones embedded within.  The stones are the colors corresponding to the seven chakras, aligned in order top (crown) to bottom (root):

Amethyst: Crown
Lapis: Third eye
Turquoise: Throat
Malachite: Heart
Citrine: Solar Plexus
Carnelian: Sacral
Garnet: Root