Wristlet Leather Replacement Strap

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We understand that leather wears out- you wear it swimming too many times, it gets snagged and breaks, the color fades... or you just want a new color to match your different outfits! Whatever the reason, here is your solution: a set of fully adjustable, durable, and beautiful leather cord replacement straps!

You will receive two pieces: One with a vintage mother of pearl button and one with a loop. Available in 7 natural-dyed colors to match your outfit or your mood!

To replace your cord, simply loosen the half-hitch knot where the leather is wrapped around the silver center piece, then pull the long end through and out. to attach your new cord, lay the open end (opposite the button or small loop) over the edge of the silver center piece and wrap it around the bottom. Then take the clasp end and pull it through the open loop and pull tight. Repeat this on the other side with the second cord. Now you are ready to put it on or adjust the length by pulling the knots up and wiggling the half-hitch knot you made to even out the sides. Once you get it to the perfect length you never have to adjust it again. Just pull the button through the small loop and wear it every day!

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